15 Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Productivity

People who manage to get a lot accomplished each day aren’t super human, they’ve just mastered a few simple habits.

  1. Declutter your desk
  2. Be part of the 20%
  3. Work less
  4. Stop phoning it in
  5. Try this email hack (email-to-text format for your cell-phone provider)
  6. Go heavy on HVAs (high value activities)
  7. Meet smarter
  8. Sleep on the job
  9. Beware these productivity killers (texting, Internet, gossip, social media, email)
  10. Make prioritization a priority
  11. Stay in the slumber “sweet spot”
  12. Seek out the sun
  13. Want to motivate people? Be human
  14. Complain
  15. Hit the elliptical

Source: 15 Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Productivity


You forgot this one – read less on websites about how to increase your productivity while working.

You forgot one of the most important rules for being productive.

“It’s better to do a sub-par job on the right project than an excellent job on the wrong project.” — Robert J. Ringer

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